Genuine Cuts is a barbershop owned by both Jamil “J Snook” Parker and Christy Eickelmann that is located in Saint Robert, Missouri.  As small business owners they stand fully committed in providing their clients with top-notch service in a professional environment.  “It’s more than just a cut”


Jamil “J Snook” Parker

Jamil “J Snook” Parker an Army Veteran, served as a military policeman and aspired to fulfill a life long desire which began when he picked up his father’s clippers.  Jamil is experiencing the best of both worlds; he is making a living doing something he loves to do.  As a self taught barber, he quickly became sought after throughout the community for his skill and abilities in delivering stylish haircuts which built his confidence.


Christy Eickelman

Christy Eickelman is a well-known veteran barber of the Saint Robert Missouri community and has been for over 20 years. She not only possesses a great deal of experience as a Barber but, she has a great number of years experience as an owner. Christy has proved herself to be a great mentor to young barbers at various skill levels over the years.



Nate Font

Nate Font is a native of Oakland, California and a United States Army Veteran.  He served his country proudly from 2008-2012 and is currently a resident of the Saint Robert, Mo area.  Nate is a young innovative barber with a passion to service professional cuts to all his customers.  His first experience with clippers was during his high school years and every since then his passion for barbering has grown.  He loves to make his clients feel good about themselves through his crafts.



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